Giclee-Prices Vary Widely But These Guide Lines Will Help You.

Giclee-Prices differ because Giclee Fine Art prints are not commodities like refrigerators or toasters whose prices can be compared to another if in the same category. Giclee-Prices vary greatly, depending on the market the printer serves and which time-consuming, labor-intensive services the printer may have to provide. But here are guidelines that will help you.

For individual reproduction of photos: from $50.00 to $200.00 depending on size and whether or not graphic work is required, and if so, how much repair, restoration and manipulations are involved.

On a different page I will write about how to go about the repair and restoration of photos.

Please Note: In general, a B&W photo will usually show off better when printed on paper rather than on canvas. Canvas would be more expensive and will not do a B&W print justice. One can, of course, make a B&W photo into a colored photo, scan and then print it on canvas. From our experience we’d suggest that in most cases, not all, a Giclee B&W print on paper is preferable.

Of interest to painters. Limited Editions of original paintings. An artist can substantially increase the income from one original painting by making a limited set of signed, dated reproductions. These will of course sell at a lower price than the original. But by selling replicas, from the same original the painter’s income can be considerably enlarged in an efficient cost-effective manner.

An important advantage of making multiple prints of the same image, is that all the work and preparation for the first replica have already been done. Therefore, the cost base of the additional copies will be limited to the cost of canvas, ink, time spent making the copy and preparing it for the printer, 2 or 3 UV coatings and the use of the equipment.

So, depending upon the size of the replicas, a 24x36” Giclee print should cost no more than $100.00. This price does not include the cost of photography and framing the print. If photography and framing are required, the price will naturally increase. The painter must decide on how many replicas are to be made. Let’s say, a set of 50 limited editions. These replicas will be printed on an “individually, as sold” basis and not all fifty in one run. That is a definite advantage of the Giclee printing method. The Giclee printer knows that more orders for additional prints can be expected in the future as the artist sells his works.

Giclee-Prices for collectors. Digital Giclee prints on canvas of a famous painting. From about $125.00 to $500.00. Giclee-Prices depend on the availability of a photo of the original painting to be copied or if a photographer is required, the size of the Replica and whether or not framing is included. Average price around $225.00 for a 16x20” or 20x24” print.

Please Note: In EVERY case, the Giclee printer will ALWAYS unconditionally guarantee the satisfaction of his/her print. Normally, the buyer can return the print within a certain period, usually one month, if not totally satisfied for whatever reason, and get his money back. If the Giclee printer does not allow these professional courtesies, I suggest locating a different printer.

Caution: “Giclee” prints of Famous Paintings are being offered on the Internet for $20.00. The cost of preparing and making a Giclee print, whether on paper or on canvas, is far more than $20.00. Therefore, to avoid any disappointments with quality, color, paper (I doubt canvas print could be produced at all) I would suggest not to bother with these offers. It is simply unlikely, if not impossible, that a REAL Giclee museum quality print of a well-known painting can be produced for that price.

For Curators. Giclee print making for musea. As every curator already knows, there is a very special group of Giclee print making professionals that exclusively serve the museum community. Prices depend on too many variables to provide an average price here. It is notable that often prices are based on square inches of the images to be produced.

Advise to anyone interested in acquiring Giclee Fine Art prints. As mentioned before, it will be in your interest to locate and meet with a Giclee printer in person. Discuss your interests, even your budget. Giclee-Prices can always be negotiated in good faith between people that like and respect each other.

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